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Abi’s Performance can help you to have a better response on acceleration, restore the power, improve fuel consumption, reduce emission for NCT & DOE and in general to protect the environment and improve the life span of your engine. 

We offer Mobile Services: Carbon Cleaning; Remapping (ask for options); DPF/EGR Deep Cleaning; DPF Regeneration. 

Remapping and EGR cleaning comes with FREE Carbon Cleaning & Diagnostics for the best results! 

DPF two-stage Deep Cleaning for best results or Regeneration comes with full FREE Diagnostic to locate the source of the problem, pressure test Before and After and FREE Engine Carbon Cleaning.

So whether you’re looking to improve your vehicle’s Performance or simply want to make it more efficient, Abis Performance & Solutions are experts you can trust.

Contact us today and see how we can help you.


ECU Remapping
Stage 1 and Stage 2 remaps
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TCU/Gearbox Remapping

The perfect complement to our engine ECU remapping services. Our comprehensive support encompasses a broad range of automatic transmissions, including the conventional ZF6 and ZF8 torque converter automatics, as well as the cutting-edge DSG, Tiptronic, S-Tronic, and 7G-Tronic systems.

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ECU Cloning

Purchasing a new ECU from a dealer can be costly, but with a specialist company who offers ECU cloning, they will be able to transfer all of the data stored on the original (damaged) ECU to the new one before it is installed into your car.

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Engine Carbon 

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DPF Deep Cleaning/Regeneration

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