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Stage 1 ECU Performance

Stage 1 ECU Performance 

Tuning Custom engine remaps focusing on complete power performance, economy and fuel saving, towing and off road capabilities.

Stage 1 Performance /ECO Remap 

Our Stage 1 Tuning process is designed to get your car running as efficiently as possible. We start by optimizing the air/fuel mixture and ignition timing to release more power and improve the economy. We then fine-tune the engine’s throttle response, giving you a smoother, more responsive drive. Our experienced technicians carry out our Stage 1 Tuning service at your Home address or at your Workplace. We only use the latest diagnostic equipment and techniques, so you can be sure your car is in safe hands. To find out more about Stage 1 Tuning or to book an appointment, please get in touch with us today.

Benefits of Stage 1 or ECO Tuning 

  • Improved performance
  • More responsive throttle
  • Smoother, more efficient running
  • Better fuel economy
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FAQ’s for Stage 1 (and ECO) Remapping 

How much does Stage 1 or Tuning cost?
The cost of Stage 1 or Eco Tuning can vary depending on the vehicle and the specific modifications required. However, as a guide, Stage 1 or Eco Tuning typically starts from 200 Euro.
Is Stage 1 Tuning legal?
Yes, Stage 1 Tuning is legal as long as the modifications are within limits set by the NDLS. If you are unsure whether your car meets the requirements, we recommend you speak to one of our experts before proceeding with any modifications.
What are the benefits of Stage 1 Tuning?
Stage 1 Tuning can improve your car's performance in several ways, including increased power and torque, fuel economy, and acceleration.
What is the process for Stage 1 Tuning?
Your first step is to book your car for a free consultation with one of our experts. During this consultation, we will assess your car and recommend the best Stage 1 modifications for your vehicle. Once you have decided on changes, we will complete the work and tune your car to Stage 1 specifications. Finally, we will test your vehicle to ensure it meets all standards. A Stage 1 Performance Remap is usually carried out by plugging into your car's OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) port or removing the ECU (Engine Control Unit) or sometimes called PCM (Power Control Module) and making changes to the engine management software. This can be done at your home or office address from our Fully Mobile Workshop.
How long does Stage 1 Tuning take?
The time required for Stage 1 Tuning can vary depending on the car and the specific modifications being made. However, as a general rule, Stage 1 Tuning takes 60-90 minutes to complete.
Are there any downsides to a Stage 1 Performance or Eco Remap?
The main downside to a Stage 1 Performance or Eco Remap is that it voids your car's warranty. But we keep a copy of your original software and we can return back to stock upon request for a small fee.
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